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Fleet Safety Awards

The Trucking Association of New York Fleet Safety Awards were developed to recognize member fleets in good standing that have the best record of safe operation in New York State. Applicants are divided into the following categories:

• General Commodities Truckload
• General Commodities LTL
• Tank Truck/Bulk – Hazmat
• Tank Truck/Bulk – Non-hazmat
• Flatbed/Heavy Hauler
• Dump Truck/Construction
• Small Package/Delivery Van (Less than 16,000 lbs. GVWR)
• Miscellaneous

A minimum of 33% of total NY miles must be in each category the carrier is applying for in order to be eligible.

The Winners of the 2022 Fleet Safety Awards are as Follows:

Statewide Grand Champion
Byrne Dairy, Inc.*

General Commodities Truckload - Small Class
First Place
Venice Enterprise, Inc.

Second Place
R.S. Maher and Son, Inc.*

General Commodities Truckload - Medium Class
First Place
Stewart’s Shops Corp.

Second Place
Speed Global Services

General Commodities Truckload - Large Class
First Place
Walmart Supply Chain***

Second Place
Wegmans Food Markets

General Commodities LTL - Small Class
First Place
DeCrescente Distributing Co., Inc.**

Second Place
Lightning Express Delivery Service, Inc.

General Commodities LTL - Large Class
First Place
A. Duie Pyle, Inc.*

Second Place
Old Dominion Freight Line, Inc.

Tank Truck/Bulk Hazmat - Small Class
First Place
Bolla Transport, LLC

Second Place
Kuhnle Brothers, Inc.**

Tank Truck/Bulk Hazmat - Large Class
First Place
Stewart’s Shops Corp.

Second Place
Terpening Trucking Co. Inc.

Tank Truck/Bulk Non-Hazmat
Byrne Dairy, Inc.*

Flatbed/Heavy Hauler
Flint Creek Transport LLC

Dump Truck/Construction
Genesee Bulk Transport, LLC

* Denotes Bronze Award: FSA recipient for 3-4 consecutive years
** Denotes Silver Award: FSA recipient for 5-9 consecutive years
*** Denotes Gold Award: FSA recipient for 10+ consecutive years

2022 Grand Champion: Byrne Dairy, Inc.

Additional Award Recipients

ABF Freight System, Inc.
Adirondack Beverages, Inc.
Alnye, LLC
Alnye Trucking, LLC*
Alnye Utica, LLC*
Clinton’s Ditch Co-Op, Inc.*
C.T. Express, Inc.**
FedEx Freight, Inc.**
Golub Corporation
Grand Island Sales and Service, Inc.
HazMat Environmental Group, Inc.**
John Wojtowicz, Inc.**
Landmark Global**
Leonard’s Express, Inc.
Logistics One Transport, Inc.
Patriot Tank Lines, Inc.
Ray’s Transportation, Inc.**
RNG Transportation LLC
Shaker Transport, Inc.
SLA Transport, Inc.*
Sonwil Transportation
Sprague Operating Resources LLC*
Wilcox Brothers Transportation, Inc.