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Key Up New York
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Released Episodes
Season 1
S01 E11 - Episode 11 - Safety First!
APR 26, 2024
Host Kendra Hems is joined by Kate Kennett, TANY’s Vice President, to discuss the annual Truck Safety & Education Symposium. They share key information coming out of the 2024 event, which was held in April, including an overview of the association’s annual Fleet Safety Awards. Onsite interviews at the Symposium are also included, with Steve Erwin, Transportation Manager with Clinton’s Ditch Co-op, Inc. and Jonathan Nicastro, Director of Motor Carrier Compliance with the NYS Department of Transportation.
S01 E10 - Episode 10 - The Voice of the Industry
MAR 6, 2024
Hosts Kendra Hems and Zach Miller are joined by Andrew Boyle, Chairman of the American Trucking Associations (ATA), the largest national trade association for the trucking industry. They discuss the state of trucking and the challenges facing the industry as it moves into the future.
S01 E09 - Episode 9 - The $20 Bagel!
FEB 7, 2024
Join TANY President Kendra Hems and Director of Metro Region Operations Zach Miller, as they discuss all aspects of congestion pricing, including where things currently stand and TANY's plan of action.
S01 E08 - Episode 8 - Jails to Jobs
JAN 10, 2024
Join TANY President Kendra Hems and CEO & entrepreneur Trent Griffin-Braaf, as they discuss the DOCCS "Jails to Jobs" program, and how it will positively impact the trucking industry. Trent is an award-winning entrepreneur, coach, and mentor. He helps businesses with inclusion strategies for underserved populations, and teaches justice impacted individuals how to be successful in the workplace.
S01 E07 - Episode 7 - Giving Back
DEC 13, 2023
Join TANY President Kendra Hems and Shay Legacy Foundation Board Chair Barry Panicola, as they discuss the foundation's development and goals, and some of the programs the foundation is spearheading, including workforce development, student scholarships and driver training.
S01 E06 - Episode 6 - You're Safer With Us!
NOV 8, 2023
Join TANY President Kendra Hems and Metro Region Operations Manager Zach Miller, as they discuss safety and how it affects TANY members and partners with this month’s guest Rebecca Brewster, President and CEO of the American Transportation Research Institute.

Also on this episode, Larry Johnson of NYS DOT talks with TANY Vice President Kate Kennett about roadside inspections.
S01 E05 - Episode 5 - Bringing EV to the Trucking Industry
OCT 11, 2023
Join Zach Miller and his guests, Jeff Wilke and Brian Wilkie of National Grid, as they discuss the infrastructure needed to bring the EV initiative into the fold of the trucking industry.
S01 E04 - Episode 4 - Thank You Drivers!
SEP 06, 2023
In celebration of Truck Driver Appreciation Week, Kendra and Zach, along with some special guests, celebrate our drivers and all they do.
S01 E03 - Episode 3 - View from NYC
AUG 09, 2023
Director of Metro Region Operations, Zach Miller, discusses the ongoing industry issues happening around NYC.
S01 E02 - Episode 2 - Featuring Board Chair Mark Giuffre
JUL 05, 2023
Discussion with Board Chair Mark Giuffre on the state of the trucking industry.
S01 E01 - Episode 1 - Welcome to Key Up NY
JUN 07, 2023
Welcome to Key Up NY - the official podcast of the Trucking Association of New York!
S01 - Key Up NY - Teaser
MAY 30, 2023
Welcome to Key Up NY - the official podcast of the Trucking Association of New York!