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Statement from TANY President Kendra Hems on Governor Kathy Hochul's "State of the State” address

“After a turbulent few years marred by the pandemic and record-high inflation, New York’s economy is finally turning the corner. New York’s industrial backbone needs strong leadership from Gov. Hochul and the Legislature to maintain that progress, protect the small businesses that power the state, and lay the foundation for economic prosperity.

“The trucking industry, which pays billions of dollars in wages to nearly 300,000 New Yorkers each year and delivers 96 percent of all goods in the state, is crucial to that effort – and the unfortunate reality is that the industry is being squeezed from all sides. High tax rates, unreasonable liability standards, emerging congestion pricing fees, labor shortages, and misguided if well-intentioned sustainability initiatives are placing undue burdens on the more than 100,000 trucking companies that are based in New York.

“Every New Yorker who buys goods off our shelves or enjoys home delivery of an online order has a stake in the success of our industry. We look forward to working with Albany to deliver innovative solutions to these challenges and ensure that New York is a prosperous place to live and work – not just in 2024 but in the decades to come.”

View the full State of the State here.