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Why The “Driver Shortage” Could Be Advantageous To Job Seekers

With delivery demands at an all time high, New York is just one of many states struggling with truck “driver shortages”. The American Trucking Association (ATA) is reporting that as a whole, the trucking industry is short roughly 78,000 drivers based on the calculated optimal number of drivers versus freight demand. While this phenomena may seem to be bad news for big box stores, it’s good news for those looking to begin a brand-new career in a stable field.

Now is the perfect time to wade into the trucking pool, so to speak, as the Trucking Association of New York (TANY) works alongside state legislation to make the trucking industry more inclusive and beneficial for all drivers. “Workforce development has been a priority issue for TANY for many years but in 2020 we ramped up efforts by hiring a workforce development coordinator, pursuing legislative and regulatory initiatives and building relationships with educational institutions and state agencies,” said Kendra Hems, President of TANY.

According to the ATA the average pay for a long haul trucker is just under $50,000 dollars with experienced truck drivers sporting good driving records standing to make significantly more, but current competitive prices could see new-comers making even more than that! And thanks to the work of both members of TANY and the NYS Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), you no longer have to be 21 to obtain a Class A Commercial Driver’s License(CDL). Drivers 18 and above can now enroll in a training program as short as six weeks long and be on track for a successful career right out of highschool! Hems, along side the TANY team, supports this exciting change in the industry saying, “As we look toward 2023, TANY will continue to focus on identifying new programs and initiatives to assist the membership in addition to workforce development. With your support, we’ll continue to be your voice of trucking in New York – creating jobs, supporting the economy, driving safety and delivering a sustainable future for our members.”

To advance the process of getting you behind the wheel of a truck of your own, TANY has also been advocating for the ability for third parties to conduct the skills test for commercial drivers after the 2020 pandemic caused complaints about road test delays and issues due to the DMV’s closure. As of September 2022, the DMV officially launched a third-party skills testing for eligible entities, which includes motor carriers and driving schools as long as they meet the requirements– significantly speeding up the process by which drivers can get on the road and begin making money!

So, if you’re considering a field of employment where you’ll make great wages, be eligible for advancement, and have an organization of advocates to back your needs, consider trucking! It’s a rewarding industry that’ll only continue to grow in the coming years and offer even more opportunities! Want to learn more? Feel free to contact us online for information about training events, current trucking issues, industry tips, and so much more! We can’t wait to hear from you!