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NYC Issues

Due to the unique nature of dealing with issues in New York City, TANY retained CMW Strategies to build the association’s reputation with the NYC Mayor’s Office, NYC Council and City agencies. TANY has developed relationships with key constituents, helping to raise awareness of the importance of freight movement among industry challenges while answering the needs of New York City.

Key Advocacy Efforts

The Trucking Association of New York regularly appears before the NYC Council and regulatory agencies to advocate on issues of importance to the trucking industry. Additionally, the association frequently sends letters to seek action on specific initiatives.

NYC Priorities

Curb Side Truck Parking

A significant lack of curbside delivery zones creates significant safety and enforcement issues for the trucking industry in New York City. Increasing available curbside parking, addressing issues with NYC’s stipulated fine program and advocating for stronger enforcement of parking placard abuse are among TANY’s top priorities to address the shortage of delivery zones in New York City.

Overnight Truck Parking

A lack of available overnight parking in the New York City region forces trucks to park in areas not intended for commercial vehicles, including residential neighborhoods. TANY continues to work with the NYC Department of Transportation and NYC Economic Development Corporation to identify opportunities for future overnight parking facilities.

Clear Lanes/Clear Curbs

TANY was successful in modifying and/or eliminating the Clear Lanes/Clear Curbs program in both Brooklyn and Queens. Work continues on eliminating the program in midtown Manhattan.

Vehicle Dimensions

NYC’s antiquated vehicle dimension restrictions present significant compliance challenges for the trucking industry. TANY is advocating for an increase in vehicle length and width to align with state and federal limits.

Marking Requirements

TANY is advocating for an update to NYC’s marking requirements to conform to state and federal requirements.

Permit Program

TANY is advocating for a full review of NYC’s current overweight permit program to ensure fairness, encourage compliance and reduce administrative burdens.

NYC Truck Routes

TANY is advocating for a full review of the current truck route system, the use of better signage and for the removal of the 2-point violation provision.